The Church Of Nativity

Located at the heart of the city of Bethlehem, State of Palestine, 7 KM south of the city of Jerusalem.

The Church Of Nativity Restoration Program

The Presidential committee for the restoration of the nativity church has initiated the program in 2009 with the first phase for the restoration of the roof and windows starting in Sep 2013.

Internal view

An Internal view of the church looking east into the altar and showing the central nave.

The Star

The star marking the site where Jesus was born at the Grotto of Nativity.

  • Media & Downloads

    Media & Downloads

    Here you find more articles on the Restoration Program in the Church of Nativity: 


  • Project Contributors

    Project Contributors

    The Presidential Committee and People of Palestine are grateful for the Generous donations received from

  • History of the Nativity Church

    History of the Nativity Church

    The Church of the Nativity is one of the first Christian Churches, built in the place where Jesus Christ was born.

  • Program Background

    Program Background

    The Presidential Committee for the Restoration of the Nativity Church was established in 2009 with the